Toilet Repair – Plumbing Tips

Toilet Repair – Plumbing Tips

Few home repair problems are worse than a leaky, flooding or outright broken toilet. Fortunately, toilet repair parts are cheap and most of the time you don’t have to be a master plumber (or pay one by the hour) to fix this essential home appliance. plumbing reairs

Simply understanding these parts can help you repair your toilet quickly and easily.

Toilet Flapper

One of the most common bathroom problems aside from having to use a plunger on a clogged toilet is a “running” toilet. This means water continues to flow into the bowl from the tank long after its necessary.

Most of the time, a running toilet can be repaired by adjusting the float arm (the long piece of metal extending from the flusher to a large, inflated ball at the end) by bending it downward. When that doesn’t fix the problem, however, you usually need to find some repair parts to replace the toilet flapper.

The flapper looks like a closed-off plunger and is used to fill the hole in the bottom of the tank that leads to the bowl. It is usually attached to the flusher with a chain that hooks on to the lift arm (the lever from the external flusher to the inside tank).

To replace the flapper, first turn off the toilet’s main water valve (usually located underneath the tank by the pipe leading to the wall) or, if your home is older, the house’s main water supply.

Get rid of the water in the tank by flushing the toilet a few times.

Purchase a flapper with a chain and collar. Remove the old flapper by disconnecting it (this can get messy as pigment from the old flapper can stain your hands) from the lever and the overflow pipe.

Attach the collar to the overflow pipe and the chain to the lever, allowing for some slack. Turn the water back on and after the tank has filled, test the flapper by flushing. If it is still not sealing completely, adjust the chain.plumber

Toilet Handle

Finding a repair part to replace the toilet handle is a simple process that can be done fairly quickly.

Lift the lid off the tank. You will see a bolt attaching the external handle to the tank and a long arm (or trip valve), connected to the toilet flapper described above.

Disconnect the flapper from the arm and loosen the nut from the external handle (it turns the opposite way of normal nuts or bolts). Remove all of the old parts.

Holding the external handle on to the tank, place the new trip valve in the hole. Slide the nut on over the arm (with the flat side against the tank) and thread the nut on to the handle. Use an adjustable wrench to secure the nut. Reconnect the flapper chain to the new arm. More tips on this website

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