The Linear Drainage Revolution By Auswave Products

The Linear Drainage Revolution

“Its Hip to be a square” is so 1980s! Introducing linear drainage systems is the modern answer to floor and bathroom drainage.

Drainage channels have long been associated with outdoor drainage needs, but it is only a recent transition that they have made their way indoors. Say goodbye to those old round or square point drains (yes, there’s the square thing) and make the way for the functionality and aesthetic appeal of linear drains.linear drains

What are linear drains?

Perhaps we have given it away already with our reference to drainage channels, but really it is all in the name – linear. Linear drains feature a long drainage channel and cover of some description. Sometimes they are referred to as line drains, strip drains, slot drains, or any number of proprietary names. More about Auswave Drainage Grids here

How do linear drains differ from point drains?

Point drainage systems are what most people are likely to be familiar with, a centrally placed drain in a room or shower. For effective drainage, point drains require that water is gently funneled to the drain, requiring a slope in the flooring from all directions. Point drains are rarely broader than 100 mm.

In contrast, a linear drain maybe 100mm in width, however, their lengths vary, At Auswave Products, our minimum linear drain length is 900mm. Linear drains collect water along the length of the channel, and, because of their length, vastly impact the drainage slope required in the surrounding flooring. The general rule of thumb, the slope required for drainage is a 6 mm drop for every meter, this is no different for linear or point drains. However, thanks to a linear drain’s, well “linear” nature, you have great flexibility with its placement. A linear drain can span a shower wall, for example. In this location, only a singular drainage slope is required.linear drains for any floor

Linear drains are also suitable for larger spaces also, indoor or outdoor. A linear drain, or series of interconnecting linear drains, can span an area, making for much more effective drainage, and a simpler flooring preparation than a series of point drains dotted throughout an area.

Why choose Auswave Products’ linear drains?

At Auswave products, we only supply Australian-made, stainless steel linear drains. We are committed to providing the best quality of linear drains for our customers through our innovative designs, material selection, and manufacturing standards. If you are keen to learn more about linear drains, our awesome range of grate styles and finishes, or custom linear grates, see more at href=” or contact us on 1300 783 616.

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