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Finding the best Plumber for the Job

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Finding the best Plumber for the Job

At some point, every homeowner will need a re-pipe. Plumbing may be considered a modern marvel but also can ruin our homes. A simple dripping faucet or a small leak in an ignored pipe can bring devastating and costly outcomes. Some issues are quick fixes and with just a little know-how, there are a few common fixes that can be performed. But it’s significant to know when a professional is needed. The work isn’t necessarily difficult. While much of it is beyond the scope and knowledge of the average homeowner, an easy project can cost you way more than if you had called a trained contractor. Finding an expert can be the difference between a positive outcome or a complete catastrophe, so it is important – to use care while looking for them. Obviously, if your water heater tank is flooding your home or it is time for repiping, you aren’t going to have time to be selective. Your first instinct will probably be to call the first guy you find in the yellow pages and since time is essential you may have no other choice. That’s why no matter where you live it’s a good idea to have contacts before you actually need them.

plumbing repairs

Repiping is the process of removing or bypassing your existing pipe system for either freshwater intake or your sewer system. This is something to consider seriously if you have a galvanized pipe system. You most likely have galvanized pipes if your home or office is more than 25 years old. The main difficulty with galvanized pipes is that they rust. This is what you are seeing when you turn on the faucet and rusty water comes out.

Over a period of 20 to 25 years, these galvanized pipes will become so rusty that you will barely be able to see from one end to the other if you were to look through one. Your plumbing system consists of pressure vs. volume. The pressure is expressed as  P.S.I. (pounds per square inch), which is measured by how much pressure the water department is pumping through your area, while volume refers to how much water can flow through your pipes.

When these pipes are plugged it is very similar to having clogged arteries in your body, and very little water can flow through your pipes. When you see rust on your pipes, have rusty water coming out of your faucets, or have any type of erosion or corrosion, there is the potential for leaks or pipe bursts. This is when you need to contact the plumbers at our Plumbing Company to find out more about installing copper piping.

Copper pipes have a lifetime of up to one hundred years and never rust, build up or corrode your plumbing system.

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Plumbing Services – Faucet Repairs

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Plumbing Services Faucet Repairs

Batt-Type Faucets

Follow these steps to fix a single-handle ball-type faucet.

1. Turn off the water.

2. Remove the handle. Loosen the set screw that secures the handle to the shaft from the ball valve. The screw head is on the underside of the lever. This set screw requires an Allen wrench to loosen. (An Allen wrench is an L-shaped hex wrench that fits into the recessed socket in the head of the set screw. You can purchase a set of Allen wrenches at any hardware store or home center in the hand tool department.) Some faucets are manufactured in Europe and may have metric-sized parts. If you can’t seem to find an Allen wrench that fits the set screw, chances are the screw has a metric head. You need to purchase a set of metric Allen wrenches they aren’t expensive. residential plumbing

3. Remove the ball valve and spout. Wrap tape around the jaws of your wrench or slip-joint type pliers to protect the valve parts. Loosen the cap assembly (dome-shaped ring at the top of the faucet) by turning the adjusting screw counterclockwise. Grab the shaft that the handle was attached to, move it back and forth to loosen the ball valve assembly, and then pull it straight up and out of the faucet body.

4. Replace valve seals and o-rings. When you look inside the faucet body, you see the valve seats, rubber o-rings, and behind the spring. Remove the seats, springs, and o-rings from the faucet body and take them to the hardware store or home center to be sure you get the correct repair kit.

5. Replace the parts and reassemble the faucet in the reverse order that you took it apart (or follow the directions in the repair kit). Pay attention that you reinstall the ball in the same position as you removed it.

6. If a faucet leaks around the handle or the spout when the water is running, tighten the adjusting ring. Under the handle is an adjusting ring that’s screwed into the valve body. Slots in the top edge of the ring allow you to insert the adjusting tool into this ring and turn it.

If you can’t find the adjusting tool, use a large screwdriver or slip-joint pliers to turn this ring in a clockwise direction to tighten it. Unless the ring is very loose, tighten it only about X turn.

7. Turn the water on and slip the handle back on the control ball’s shaft. Adjust the ring so the leak around the ball shaft stops but the ball can be easily adjusted. If you can’t get the leak to stop, the seal under the adjusting ring is bad and should be replaced.

8. Tighten the set screw to secure the handle.

If your faucet requires professional repair help because it’s leaking or you have any other problems, call our toll-free number and let us take care of the rest returning your faucet to perfect working order. Call us to schedule a plumbing faucet appointment for your plumbing repair. We will do our best to set up a faucet repair appointment for a time that is most convenient for you.

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Residential Plumbing Services – Water Heater Repair & Installation

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Water Heater Repair & Installation

Whether you need water heater repair or a new water heater, our plumbing company provides excellent service to our area customers. Our plumbing company is dedicated to keeping you comfortable, so we take the time to get to know our customers’ unique water heater needs. From conventional to tankless water heaters, we have solutions for any household and any budget.water heater services

Conventional Water Heater Repair
If you need a new or replacement conventional water heater, we have what you’re looking for. Our team can meet with you to discuss the specifics of your home, and you’ll be provided with a variety of installation options. Once we’ve found the perfect solution for you, our water heater installation team can deliver, install, and thoroughly test your new unit. More on this website

We also provide water heater maintenance services so that your investment remains protected.

Tankless Water Heater Installation
Tankless water heaters provide instant, endless hot water. They are more efficient than conventional water heaters, and because they don’t require a tank to store heated water within, they are less likely to require repairs over the years. Of course, if you do need water heater repair services, our expert plumbers are standing by to help 24 hours a day.

Virtually anyone can benefit from having a tankless water heater installed, and these options are great for large homes or homes with large families. With a tankless unit, you’ll never again have to worry about running out of hot water or choosing between running the dishwasher and taking a hot shower.

Water Heater Installation

When you choose water heater installation, you’ll always receive service from licensed and insured plumbers. We screen all of our employees for substance abuse and criminal records. Day or night, our team is always on time for scheduled appointments.

We understand you have a lot of choices when looking for a plumber service, so we’ll work hard to earn your business by providing upfront pricing, fast service, and experienced plumbing professionals.

To learn more about the water heaters we offer, contact us for emergency service.

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The Linear Drainage Revolution By Auswave Products

The Linear Drainage Revolution

“Its Hip to be a square” is so 1980s! Introducing linear drainage systems is the modern answer to floor and bathroom drainage.

Drainage channels have long been associated with outdoor drainage needs, but it is only a recent transition that they have made their way indoors. Say goodbye to those old round or square point drains (yes, there’s the square thing) and make the way for the functionality and aesthetic appeal of linear drains.linear drains

What are linear drains?

Perhaps we have given it away already with our reference to drainage channels, but really it is all in the name – linear. Linear drains feature a long drainage channel and cover of some description. Sometimes they are referred to as line drains, strip drains, slot drains, or any number of proprietary names. More about Auswave Drainage Grids here

How do linear drains differ from point drains?

Point drainage systems are what most people are likely to be familiar with, a centrally placed drain in a room or shower. For effective drainage, point drains require that water is gently funneled to the drain, requiring a slope in the flooring from all directions. Point drains are rarely broader than 100 mm.

In contrast, a linear drain maybe 100mm in width, however, their lengths vary, At Auswave Products, our minimum linear drain length is 900mm. Linear drains collect water along the length of the channel, and, because of their length, vastly impact the drainage slope required in the surrounding flooring. The general rule of thumb, the slope required for drainage is a 6 mm drop for every meter, this is no different for linear or point drains. However, thanks to a linear drain’s, well “linear” nature, you have great flexibility with its placement. A linear drain can span a shower wall, for example. In this location, only a singular drainage slope is required.linear drains for any floor

Linear drains are also suitable for larger spaces also, indoor or outdoor. A linear drain, or series of interconnecting linear drains, can span an area, making for much more effective drainage, and a simpler flooring preparation than a series of point drains dotted throughout an area.

Why choose Auswave Products’ linear drains?

At Auswave products, we only supply Australian-made, stainless steel linear drains. We are committed to providing the best quality of linear drains for our customers through our innovative designs, material selection, and manufacturing standards. If you are keen to learn more about linear drains, our awesome range of grate styles and finishes, or custom linear grates, see more at href=”https://www.auswave.com.au/types/linear/ or contact us on 1300 783 616.

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Hot Water Heater – Tank or Tankless – Plumbing Services

A hot water tank repair can be considered an emergency plumbing service. Your hot water tank is not a luxury but a necessity. It’s always best to have an emergency plumber on speed dial for these types of situations. Sometimes the hot water tank repair is straightforward, such as your pilot light has blown out and needs to be relit. The homeowner can usually take care of a situation as simple as this, for more complicated problems you are going to want to call in a professional plumbing company.water heater services

Here are the top 6 Reasons that customers will call in for a hot water tank repair:
The hot water tank is not producing enough heat: This repair is one that customers will sometimes put off for too long due to the fear of the repair bill. If your hot water tank is not providing enough heat or it is taking an incredibly long time for the hot water to get to the faucet there could be a few reasons. They are:

1. The hot water tank is not large enough to supply the amount of hot water required.
2. The pilot light has blown out, and you need to relight it.
3. There is a buildup of sediment in the bottom of the tank which is making it much tougher to heat up the water.
4. The hot water tank is making strange noises. Sometimes when a hot water tank needs to repairing you’ll first notice it because of the sounds coming from it. They can range from a thumping to a high-pitched whistle. This sound is caused because air is getting trapped in sediment that has collected at the bottom of the hot water tank. Your hot water tank needs cleaning. If this is the case, if not taken care of it can lead to much more severe problems such as the tank bursting and causing a potential flood.
5. There is water on the floor around the hot water tank. If you have discovered a leak with your hot water tank you are going to want to call in a hot water tank repair technician as soon as possible. you will likely have to replace the hot water tank, but sometimes the leaks are caused by simple overheating and can be repaired by turning the temperature down. More on this website
6. There is no visible flame inside the hot water tank. A couple of things can cause this, most likely it is going to be that your pilot light has blown out and you need to relight it. Sometimes it can be a more severe problem such as a broken gas valve, or a problem with your gas supply. The first thing to always try is to relight your hot water tank. If this does not work in solving your problem, call in a professional plumber.

Do I need a hot water tank repair or a hot water tank replacement?

Most hot water tanks will last approximately 10 to 15 years; if your hot water tank is somewhere in this range, you might want just to replace it. Older hot water tanks are not very efficient, and by putting in a new tank, you will start to save money immediately on your gas bill. You do have to factor in the cost associated with putting in a new hot water tank and what the payback time will be. You also have to factor in the cost of repair bills if you decide to keep your old hot water tank and you still don’t know how long it’s going to last.

New high-efficiency hot water tanks do not use the old-style metal venting to go up through your chimney, they use PVC piping and typically go out the sidewall of your house.

Can I install my hot water tank by myself?

It is possible to install your hot water tank by merely going down to the local hardware store and picking up a new one; it is not as easy as professional plumbers make it look. With the new venting codes and PVC-style venting, you have to be sure of what you are doing. It”s not as simple as unhooking the old hot water tank’s water and gas and replacing it with the new hot water tank.tankless water heater

Without the proper knowledge and skills, you run the risk of damaging your home with a gas explosion, or a flood, not to mention the possibility of leaving your family with carbon monoxide if the hot water tank is not correctly installed and vented. More here

In our opinion is better safe than sorry and contact a licensed, professional Plumbing Company to install your hot water tank or get hot water tank repair services.

Should I get a traditional hot water tank or a tankless water heater?

Today, you have a couple of choices when it comes to replacing your hot water tank. You can go with a traditional hot water tank similar to the one that you have in your basement now with the exception that it’ll be higher efficiency and use PVC piping for venting. Your other choice is to go with a tankless water heater. Tankless water heaters are typically more expensive than traditional hot water tanks, but they do save you money by not reheating water over and over again.

Tankless water heaters only use energy when there is a demand for hot water, and traditional hot water tanks will continuously use power to keep your water at a constant temperature and ready when you need it.

Before deciding to purchase a tankless water heater, you might want to ask yourself a couple of questions. First how much longer are you going to be at your house? If you only plan on living there for the next couple of years, it is much more economical just to replace your existing hot water tank. Secondly how many occupants are in your home? Tankless water heaters are fantastic if three or fewer people are living in the house when there are too many people demanding water at the same time it will exceed the abilities of the tankless water heater.

Call us for hot water tank repair services!

What do furnace cleaning companies do when they clean your hot water tank?

You will often see a furnace cleaning or duct cleaning company that is advertising that they will clean your hot water tank for you for an additional fee over and above their standard service. Typically this only applies to an older hot water tank that has an accessible combustion area where the pilot light sits. The furnace cleaning company can use its high-pressure air and vacuum system to suck out any loose rust, dirt, and other debris that might be in the combustion area.

Having the combustion area clean is a good idea, sometimes it can reduce the amount of time it takes for the hot water tank, it can also clean your pilot light assembly which will lead to fewer pilot light outages. If the cost is $30 or less, then this service is indeed worth it. Don”t get confused by thinking that they are going to drain your hot water tank. That is a different service that removes the sediment from inside the hot water tank. The homeowner should perform this task about once per year or have a professional hot water tank repair company come in and do that for them.

Have you ever checked the temperature of your hot water tank?

Most homeowners have never checked the temperature on their hot water tank, but there is a dial right on the front of the tank that allows them to adjust how hot the water is coming out of their tank. If the water is set to hot there is a chance of getting burned when using it. It”s a good idea to turn the water temperature down to the point of what is comfortable for you when you put your hand under the faucet. Setting the temperature is especially important if you have children in the house. There is no need to call for hot water tank repair services to perform this service. This is something that any homeowner can do quite quickly by themselves.

By turning down the temperature on your hot water tank, you are also going to save on your monthly gas bill. Remember your hot water tank is continuously heating your hot water, the hot water will cool down, and the tank will turn on to heat it up again. By reducing the desired temperature, you will also be reducing the number of times your hot water tank has to come on to keep the water hot.

How long will my hot water tank last?
Hot water tanks typically last anywhere is between 10 and 15 years, it does genuinely depend on how often you get your hot water tank serviced and cleaned, as well as the type of water you have. Water that is more alkaline is going to wear out a hot water tank much faster, hard water will build up sediment in the tank much quicker. With a little bit of regular maintenance, your hot water tank should last the full 15 years before needing to be replaced. It is a good idea to have an emergency plumber number ready to go when you need it.

If you need a hot water tank repair, please give us a call.

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Do You Have Clogged Drains – Plumbing Services

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Do You Have Clogged Drains

Clogged drain pipes can ruin your summer. There is no reason to wait to have them unclogged. For a limited time, a professional and licensed plumbing technician from our company will come out to your home and unclog any drain for the low price of just $68. That is an unheard-of price. Generally, you get what you pay for, but with us, you can expect much more. Our work and customer service is second to none. Look at some of the benefits of choosing our company to Hydro-Jet your drains clean for example:plumbing services - unclogging drains

Free follow-up inspections as part of the guarantee
Drain Cleaning Guaranteed for up to 5 years
Lateral camera inspections

We own and operate our own equipment, and train our own staff (unlike the competition that sends you a sub-contractor)
We approach sewage build-up at the source (unlike the competition from the roof and indirectly)

You may be unaware of the different types of drain cleaning that we offer. It’s important to keep in mind that whatever your blockage issue is, we can help get your drains up and running again in no time. With the latest in diagnostic technology and experience of removing even the most stubborn blockages, you can be sure that your drains are in safe hands.  From the know-how, gentle approach, and biological drain cleaning of the smallest sink blockages to the high-powered hydro-jetting required to free up the blocked drain and sewer lines without damaging chemicals – We can handle it.plumbing repairs

Another one of the further benefits of the technology we employ is that we can actually clean a drain, whereas rooter technology just clears a path.  Cleaning clogged drains rather than just clearing a backup can help to prevent future backups that can cause major damage and insurance repairs.

If you have a serious problem with your drain or sewer lines – from root damage to collapses – call us today

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Sewer Line Blockages – Plumbing Services

Your sewer lines may need to be replaced at some point in time. If they are old – twenty years or more – the wear and tear may be just too much. Or, roots may have worked their way through the joints of the sewer pipes where they are no longer airtight. If you have had a backup or numerous backups, then you must have your sewer lines replaced. We can do a camera inspection to determine what the best solution is for your particular situation.plumbing services -sewer line blockages

To minimize digging in your yard and driveway, our plumbers may recommend a pipe bursting method known as trenchless sewer replacement and pipelining. This can be done quickly and easily, with almost no disruption to your routine.

Two small holes are dug at each end of the section that needs to be replaced A steel cable, connected to a high-pressure hydraulic pump pulls the cutting head of the high-density polyethylene pipe, and your sewer lines are replaced. The existing pipe is destroyed.

Having a septic tank means that you must take some extra precautions in maintaining it properly. Your septic tank will need to be pumped out every 3 or 4 years, but you can maintain it during that time so it stays in good working order and does not clog prematurely. Your septic tank is likely to get clogged if you flush anything down your toilet besides toilet paper or facial tissue. Anything else, including dental floss, paper towels, cotton swabs, feminine products, diapers, or the like will cause huge problems very quickly.

Washing too many loads of laundry during one day will overwhelm your septic tank and cause your system to slow down. Space out your laundry loads to avoid clogs. No more than two loads each day is optimum. Also, be careful what you put down the drain in your kitchen or bathroom. Oils and fats create a sludge that will clog your septic tank. Dispose of these in other containers to prevent sludge and scum from forming in your septic system. This is also good for the environment. Also, avoid using solvents or chemicals.

This blog was posted by San Antonio’s Plumber

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Plumbing Services – Low Water Pressure

Plumbing Services – Low Water Pressure

Most people refer to this problem as “low water pressure”. This very common problem can be caused by a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons is old galvanized water piping throughout your house or an old galvanized or lead water service entering your home from the city supply. If you are seeing water that is sort of brown or rust-colored, seeing pipes that are corroded, or noticing drain pipes that are leaking, it might be time to re-pipe.

We offer complete piping services, from installation to replacement to any repairs in between. We can also show up quickly for an emergency repair for a burst pipe or any other pressing plumbing issue.plumber

It is time to have your pipes replaced if: Your water pressure is constantly low; You notice rusty colored water; Your pipes frequently leak; Your home’s plumbing is more than 20 years old; Your home is equipped with polybutylene pipes.

Whether you need piping or repiping services our company can find a solution that perfectly meets the needs of your home.

We can provide you with what you need for a great price. Our experienced plumbers only used the finest tools and materials when performing any service, so you can count on a top-notch plumbing system that lasts for years to come. We will accurately locate the source of your piping problem and work to resolve it promptly and courteously. After spending years helping customers in the community with their plumbing problems, we know what it takes to resolve these often complicated issues. Using state-of-the-art plumbing equipment and our in-depth knowledge, there is virtually no problem that we can’t solve.

Copper Repipe

Copper Repiping is sometimes called re-pipe or re-plumb. If your home was built more than five years ago, you could have corroded galvanized pipes which will continue to deteriorate and drain your bank account. So it is a complete replacement of the water distribution system in a home.

We have re-pipe specialists who are ready to begin working right away in a residential or commercial property. Our plumbing company knows that a copper repipe is required right away so that a customer has clean and safe water. We have access to the highest quality plumbing materials so that we can use the same types of pipes and connectors throughout a house or building. Because not all copper pipes are created equally. Using high-quality materials is the only way we can guarantee our work for life. Since all we do are repipes, you get the highest quality materials and technical expertise for a fraction of what you would pay a plumber or contractor. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our work and we will do whatever is needed to make you confident as well.

Copper Pipe Repair

If the problem is bigger than you can handle it’s best to call our company and our specialists will not only save you time but also money from expensive mistakes. We have the technology as well as decades of experience to efficiently rehabilitate your leaking copper pipes. We do not just provide temporary solutions. Instead, we fix piping systems from the inside out, ensuring many years of problem-free use. We do not just fix leaks but also prevent them from happening again.plumbing Services

Your pipes will be thoroughly cleaned and then coated with our epoxy pipe lining making them better than new. This pull-in-place pipe renewal repairs pin leaks, and even missing pipe.

Unlike copper pipes that only last about 3 to 12 years without getting a leak, in many cases epoxy repiping has a warranty of over 80 years. When you need a reliable plumber to fix a major pipe disaster in the middle of the night, give us a call.

Benefits of copper pipe installation

Copper piping is naturally antimicrobial and thus cannot support the growth of bacteria, fungi or viruses. Copper piping is durable and flexible, making it easy to install. It offers several other advantages as well. Copper piping resists corrosion and can be used in outdoor applications. It is also weather-resistant and safer in natural disasters than other types of piping. But copper piping is more expensive than PEX or PVC piping because copper is a precious metal. Furthermore, copper is resistant to burning and will not release toxic gases in a fire. Copper pipes are slightly elastic, making them ideal for earthquakes because they don’t snap. Copper piping is also recyclable, making it a more sound environmental choice. Installing copper pipes in your home makes your plumbing system more efficient. Copper is a good conductor of heat, and as such, your hot water lines remain hot, and your showerheads and faucets can deliver even hotter showers. There are two types of copper piping used in the plumbing industry, Type “L” and type “M.” Of the two, type “L” is thicker and more resilient, and your best choice for longevity and quality.

PEX repair
Developed in the 1960s, PEX has been used in Europe for decades but was only introduced to the U.S. in the 1980s. Since the 1980s, many plumbers and water systems managers have chosen to use cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) piping to provide water throughout homes and properties. PEX tubing has largely replaced polyvinyl chloride (PVC) piping as one of the most popular tools of the trade thanks to its superior durability and versatility. We were one of the best plumbing companies to embrace the many uses of PEX piping and offer our services for maintenance and problem-solving specialty for plumbing systems of this sort. We can help you update your system by repairing your existing PEX system or installing a new one. Our plumbers are friendly, professional, reliable and always get the job done right. We are highly trained and have experience with all types of pipe repair.

Benefits of PEX Pipe installation
PEX is less expensive than copper and doesn’t transfer heat as readily, therefore conserving energy. The manufacturer also provides a 15-25 year guarantee!

PEX piping is both durable and flexible (and quieter) than other pipe materials.

PEX piping works well in hard-to-access areas and curves easily, leaving fewer areas for potential leaks. Copper piping requires joints to go around curves. PEX is very flexible, which allows for a faster installation. Also, it will minimize excavation to your property, as less access points will need to be dug in order to put it in. It is impossible for water, acid, or chemicals to corrode PEX piping. Colder weather can be highly destructive to certain types of pipes, as water in the pipes will freeze putting intense pressure on the system. PEX pipes can expand up to three times their normal size. Whether you’re considering PEX or copper piping for your next home project, we are your source for professional piping installation.

Frozen pipes
If your water pipes have frozen from the extreme cold temperatures you should call us and we will fix it all!

If your pipes are not properly insulated and covered, the frozen water can create major pressure and ultimately lead to cracks, leaks, or bursts. We’ll act quickly to diagnose the problem and thaw your pipes before they burst, preventing thousands of dollars in water damage!

We have the experience to identify the source of your frozen pipe, limit further damage, fix the problem area and insulate the pipe to prevent future problems. Water sprinkler lines, outdoor hoses, plumbing in unheated interiors, such as in the basement, garage, etc., and outdoor pipes with no insulation are the most vulnerable to freezing. If you have frozen pipes, first of all, you will need to shut off the water main leading into the structure to reduce pressure on frozen pipes and minimize flooding if the pipes burst. Then use a hairdryer to thaw the ice blockage if the frozen pipe is exposed and visible.

If frozen pipes are not visible call us and we will help you! If you notice slower water flow and expect frozen pipes, you should call our plumber immediately. Typically, issues like this can be resolved before any damage occurs.

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Garbage Disposal Service – Installation

Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal is really a helpful appliance that can certainly make life a bit simpler and easier. When not adequately looked after it will swiftly break down, obstruct and slow down the drain pipes which can result in a variety of expensive drain and plumbing problems.garbage disposal

Stopped-up pipes are a serious hassle and waste disposal repair service may be a really expensive proposition. Luckily with some quick upkeep on a regular basis, problematic disposal dilemmas can be prevented. We have supplied a range of waste disposal dos and don’ts in order to get the best life from your very own device and keep it running nicely.

A Hassle-Free Disposal Creates a Hassle-Free Kitchen

Grinding ice to completely clean the disposal is actually a reliable and inexpensive tactic and is also approved by local plumbers. This process will likewise touch up the cutting blades and loosen up built-up grease. Very easily place a handful of cubes in the drain and run the disposal until dissolved. When the ice cubes are chopped the ice chips will clean away at the hard-to-reach spots. Your disposal will run smoothly if you carry out this simple routine maintenance a couple of times each month.

Garbage Disposal Dos:

-Keep your garbage disposal clean. Run cold water for a couple of minutes with a little dish soap down the drain.

-Make a habit of running your disposal often. Frequent use prevents rust and corrosion and assures that all parts stay moving which prevents obstructions from accumulating.

-Turn the cold water on high when grinding up food waste. Why cold water? Because it will harden any grease or oils and prevent potential blockages in the trap.

-Grind small amounts of eggshells, small fruit pits, etc. These fine particles scrub the walls of the grinder chamber to keep it clean.

-Grind peelings from citrus fruits such as lemons or oranges to freshen up drain smells.

-Small items only Feed small amounts and small pieces.garbage disposal  repair

The No-Nos:

The Holy Grail of garbage disposals: Only biodegradable food. Garbage disposal is not a trash can; it’s for food scraps only. Anything other than food may cause blade and motor damage. If you aren’t sure, avoid putting it in your disposal.

-No glass, paper, or plastic.

-No combustibles.

-No cigarettes.

-Don’t pour grease, fat or oil in the drain or disposal. Grease will slowly accumulate and impede your garbage disposal’s grinding ability as well as clog drains.

-Don’t use hot water when grinding food waste. Hot water liquefies grease and oils and as waters cool solidifies and builds up, leading to clogged drains.

-No fibrous foods such as corn husks, onion skins, stalks of celery, and artichokes. Fibers from all of these might tangle and therefore jam the garbage disposal motor and result in blocked drains.

-Don’t turn off the motor or water up until grinding is achieved. When finished, shut down the waste disposal first and foremost. Let water continue to run for at least 15 seconds. Next switch off the water.

These tips are simple fixes for minor issues that you can do at home. If you try these solutions and they don’t work or if your problem seems to be getting worse, get in touch with us without delay. We have the tools and know-how to address almost every garbage disposal emergency. For more question about San Antonio plumbing issues, click on the link

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Plumbing Services : Faucet Repair – Replacement

Faucets Repair – Replacement

Did you know that some faucets are cheaper to replace than repair? When we encounter a faucet repair we will consider the value of the repair and allow you to make the decision on whether to repair or replace.leaky faucet san antonio

What causes my faucet to drip?

Most faucets work with a rubber or composition washer that closes onto a metal washer seat. Over time, the washer hardens and cracks or simply gets worn down. This causes the faucet to leak. You can close the faucet tighter to stop the drip, but this is just temporary. In fact, you’re just increasing the internal damage to the washer and faucet and the problem is only going to get worse. Usually, when a faucet drips, the problem has a relatively simple solution: the washers or other internal mechanisms need to be rebuilt or replaced. You can do this yourself or a plumbing technician can fix this easily and inexpensively. More information about our Plumbing Company in San Antonio here @ https://local-plumber-sa.com/
Is there a way to extend the life of my washers?
Yes. Turn your faucets on and off gently rather than forcefully. This will greatly reduce wear and tear.

My single-handle faucet drips, but if I move the handle just a little bit it stops dripping. How come the washers are beginning to wear out
It’s time to rebuild or replace your faucet. This will normally take care of your problem. You can buy a faucet kit at your local hardware store. You may want to disassemble the faucet and bring the parts with you to match them against what the store has in stock.

Why does my sink faucet rattle?

The most common cause of rattling pipes is a loose washer in the faucet. To fix this, remove the screen at the end of the faucet, then flush the washer out by turning on the water. If that doesn’t work, dismantle the faucet and replace the old washer.

I have a two-handle kitchen faucet. When I turn on the cold water, it chatters loudly. What causes this?
This chattering sound probably means you have a loose faucet washer. To fix this, turn your water off at the faucet and take your faucet apart from the top two handles and tighten the washers or replace them. Or call us and we can do it for you in a jiffy.

I keep replacing the washers in my two-handle tub faucet, but they don’t last very long. When I take out the old washer it is chewed up. What causes this?
The brass seats on these old faucets are bad and have rough edges. Most seats are replaceable, but you will need a special wrench to get them out. This can sometimes be a problem. Make sure you use Teflon tape on the threads of the new seats so they seal correctly.

I hear a dripping noise but no water leaks. What could it be?

If you have copper pipes, it is probably the sound of the pipe expanding and contracting as it heats and cools. This is normal for copper pipes; there is little you can do about it except to make sure the pipe is not rubbing against anything. This is often seen when a water pipe has been installed through a wood floor. During the original construction, the hole for the pipe going between floors is drilled too small, so the pipe rubs against the wood as it expands and contracts. The noise it makes simulates a dripping sound. The usual remedy is to make a hole in the wall, locate the pipe and insulate and or enlarge the opening where it penetrates.

My faucets and showerheads have a white substance around the area where the water comes out. Is there anything I can do other than replace them?
This unsightly buildup is caused by mineral deposits. To remove them, pour a cup of vinegar into a plastic bag. Place the bag over the showerhead or faucets and hold it in place with a twist tie overnight. In the morning, remove the bag and gently scrub off the deposits with an old toothbrush.

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