Get Your Drains Cleaned

Get Your Drains Cleaned and Problem-Free with Our Pro San Antonio Drain Cleaning Service

Your drain line can be a big source of concern for you, and it ís not a big wonder why. Your drain line can easily become clogged with a combination of hair, soap, grease, food bits, and other debris that happens to make its way down the drain. But there is a way to get rid of the headaches that your drain line cause and that ís by choosing professional San Antonio drain cleaning service from us.plumber

We have the methods and the equipment needed to more effectively and affordably clean out your drain system. We utilize different drain cleaning methods including hydro-jetting which sends a blast of water through your pipes, clearing away virtually every bit of stuck-on debris. With regular professional drain cleaning help from us, you can look forward to clean drains and no more worries about clogging or all of the problems associated with clogging.

Get your drains clean and problem-free with our professional San Antonio drain cleaning service. You can learn more about the effective drain cleaning solutions we offer in San Antonio when you browse through our website, If you’re ready for professional drain cleaning service or any other San Antonio plumbing service, then feel free to give us a call today or use the contact form found on our website.

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Water Heater Service in San Antonio : Your Local Plumber

Water Heater Service in San Antonio. Same day service open 24 hours 7 days a week.

Welcome to San Antonio Water Heater Service. We are a locally established Plumbing repair company specializing in any types of Water Heater repairs and services. San Antonio Water Heater Service has more to offer than other local contractors. Call us at our toll free number or visit this website @ water heater services

We provide same day San Antonio Water Heater Repairs and Service
Service call free with the water heater repair
Plumbing coupon on line
San Antonio Certified Technicians for all water heater plumbing issues
Plumbing Service resonable price guarantee
We serve all San Antonio County.
Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

Check out our easy to repair Water Heater tips or let us take care of your Water Heater needs.

At San Antonio Water Heater Service we want to help you manage your busy life by allowing you to schedule your Plumbing repair appointment as conveniently as possible. You can call us

You may now schedule your appointment online. Please send us an Email at [email protected] and submit your name, phone number, address and brief description of the problem. We will confirm your appointment in the next 60 minutes

Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters can present a number of problems. Their thermostats can go bad, the tanks can leak, the heating elements can burn out, relief valves can pop off, and all sorts of related trouble can come up. Gas and electric water heaters are very different in the ways they work. They both do the same job, but they don’t do it the same way. Let’s begin our troubleshooting lesson with electric water heaters and close it with gas units. I think it goes without saying, but beware of the electrical wires and current involved when working with electric water heaters. As you probably know, there is a lot of voltage running through the wires running of a water heater. Once the access cover of an electric water heater is removed, you must be extremely careful not to touch exposed wires and connections.tankless water heater

Relief valves that pop off

Relief valves that pop off signal one of three problems: the relief valve is bad, the water heater is building excess pressure, or the heater is building excess temperature. The problem is usually just a defective relief valve. In such cases, replace the relief’ valve and monitor it to see that the new valve works properly. If the new valve releases a discharge, investigate for extreme temperature or pressure in the tank. The temperature of water in the heating tank can be measured with a standard thermometer. Discharge a little water from the relief valve into a container and test its temperature. If it is too high for the rating of the temperature-and-pressure relief valve, check the thermostat settings on the water heater. Turn the heat settings down and test the water again after the new temperature settings have had time to work. If the reduction on the thermostat settings does not lower the temperature of the water in the tank, replacement of the tank is usually the best course of action. If you suspect the water heater is under too much pressure, you can test the pressure with a standard pressure gauge. The easiest way to do this is to adapt the gauge to a hose-thread adapter and attach it to the drain at the bottom of the water heater. As long as the drain is not clogged, you can get an accurate pressure reading. You could also adapt the gauge to screw into the relief valve and test the pressure by opening the relief valve. Water Heater Appliance repairs tips and info her @

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